Frequently Asked Questions

What are your business hours? Regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Central Time. Although I am often working much earlier and much later than my posted hours, I ask that you please respect the hours of operation. The time I put in before and after business hours is often when I am most productive and I prefer not to be interrupted by phone calls unless it is a design emergency.

Where is your office? Can I come by? I choose to work from home as I have found that I am most productive in the work environment I have created here. I do not take any meetings at ‘my office’ but am happy to meet you at yours.

How long will the project take? That would depend entirely on the scope of the project, availability, deliverables, and the clients ability to provide feedback in a timely manner if time is of the essence.

Can you fit me in immediately? Anything is possible! However, if you are a new client, I will work you into the production schedule based on current projects. Breakaway Graphics, LLC schedules projects several weeks in advance as I take great care in offering the highest level of attention to each of my valued clients. To ensure that each client receives my best work, I never schedule more than two or three large-scale protects at once. This also allows me to fit in projects for my long-term clients for whom I work for all year. Depending on the scale of your prospective project and Breakaway Graphics, LLC’s production schedule, I may ask that you allow a lead time for your project.

Are you available on nights/weekends/holidays? As a rule, no. However if there are special circumstances preventing our meeting during regular operating hours or requiring my working outside a scope that was previously agreed upon (such as failure to supply materials in a timely manner to meet a specific deadline), I can, and will, make exceptions. The rate billed for these exceptions is one and half times my regular rate.

Can I have the Layered (editable) files to make edits myself? Due to use of outside third-party materials in advertisements / publication designs and intellectual copyright laws, the simple answer is no (click here for details). If I am creating a logo or brandmark for you, you will be supplied vector files that can be edited with the proper software once payment for services rendered is received.

Your proposal has a range, can you give me a set fee? Although I understand wanting to know exactly how much it will cost in the end so the small business owner  can budget, the answer is no. When we draft a proposal, we are taking into account all of the information provided to us, estimates on the amount of time it will take us to complete each step in the process based on experience, and any unforeseen obstacles that could prove to be time-consuming. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to guess the exact amount of time any given project will take as there is no way for us to know what feedback will be provided by the client and what revisions will be requested. Since we offer our customers a fully custom experience that will result in effective, attractive and timeless designs, we want to allow for as many revisions, modifications and variations as the customer needs to achieve this. To limit that would limit our creative freedom, the client’s experience, and ultimately the designs themselves. We do however offer flexible payment options if agreed to upfront.

How do I pay you? When can I have my product? 50% of the proposed amount will be due before commencement of any design project. After that, I will supply you with invoices after completion of each project with payment due within 30 days. We accept cash, check and PayPal. Final deliverables will be released once full payment is received.

Can you help with printing? Yes. If you should require help with choosing a printer for your project, I am happy to provide you with several printer options. I will also provide quotes and pricing whenever possible. In lieu of attaching an additional fee on top of printing prices, I will only bill for the time it takes to research, contact and quote printing prices and the time it takes to upload, send or order prints. I ask that you provide me with a payment method to place any orders as I am unable to provide payment for printing to be reimbursed upon invoicing due to TN state taxing laws.

Why should I choose you over another designer who charges less? Graphic Design and Logo Development are not simply the ability to operate the required software: it is as much art as it is skill and aptitude. Being that the effectiveness and success of your brand/campaign/publication/etc depends on it, I would urge you to choose your designer as you would choose the house you live in. Like a house, where the purchase price is directly related to the soundness of the structure and the level of it’s amenities, the cost of a good designer is directly related to the quality of their work and the skill and experience of the artist. I choose my clients and projects carefully, so please feel free to browse my portfolio and testimonials and contact me for a free proposal if you value and like what you see.

What can I expect from you? As a client of Breakaway Graphics, LLC, you will always receive my utmost attention, creative expertise, respect and top-notch customer service while I create your deliverables and for the lifetime of our partnership. You will be guided and educated throughout the design process so you will always be informed on what to expect from me and when to expect it. When you have a question or concern, I will answer it personally as you will always be dealing with me directly and not an intern or employee. You will always receive a response from me within 24 hours of email or telephone contact during regular operating hours. I will always utilize my best time management skills and design techniques to offer you the very best price I can and to avoid unnecessary charges to you.

Have a question not answered here? Please contact me or ask a question below and I will happily answer any questions you may have concerning hiring Breakaway Graphics, LLC.


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