Making Your Home Office Work For You
Making Your Home Office Work For You

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Tip of the week:

This one is for all my home office folks out there….especially fellow freelance designers like myself. It can be a challenge to separate work life from home life when the two happen to coexist in the same space. Here are a few helpful habits I’ve learned through many years working and living in the same place. First, make sure you have a designated ‘work space’. This seems obvious but I know a lot of people who have set up their work stations in the corner of a bedroom which is simply not conducive to work. Second, get dressed. Yes, it’s more comfortable to sit at a desk wearing pajamas, but I have found it helpful to get up, get dressed and drink a cup of coffee before ‘heading to work’. Everyone else does it, why can’t we? Third, use light and color. Using ambient light and colors that inspire you will help your productivity and will keep you from feeling so tired you want to walk down the hall and get right into bed. Forth, make office hours and (try) to stick to them. I know as well as anyone that all-nighters are sometimes necessary but use office hours as a guide and try to start separating yourself from work at the end of the day. Finally, close the door. When you’ve reached a stopping point for the day, get up, walk out and shut the door behind you. This will help remind you that just because you’re ‘at the office’ doesn’t mean you have to be working.


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