Marketing in a Tough Market
Marketing in a Tough Market

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After a bit of an adjustment period trying to make the mental and physical switch back to the real world from a relaxing cruise in the Caribbean, we’re officially back in the swing of things. Breakaway Graphics is a new member of the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce and will also be featured in the Who’s Who of Nashville and Williamson County Magazine (coming out Spring/Summer 2010). We in the process of becoming an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau (natch!). While these are all very important developments in regard to my company, pill I wonder: what steps have you taken recently to better your company?

In this market, businesses big and small are having to think outside the box. Companies who had all the clientele they could handle are now considering things such as Direct Mail as part of their marketing strategy. (Direct Mail, by the way, can be a very effective tool. Especially when the services offered by some higher-end Direct Mail companies are utilized to the fullest.) Many are switching up their advertising outlets to get their message to a new set of eyes. This brings me to my:

Tip of The Week:

As a business owner, you must be prepared for the single most feared event in business: Market Failure. If you are one of the many businesses struggling to keep the dollars (and clients) coming in, it is not too late! Find the time to go to more networking functions. Consider new advertising outlets. Examine where your strengths and weakness are and address them head on. Whatever you do, never, ever, under any circumstances, defeat yourself. Tell yourself that you can overcome and succeed. Then believe it.

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