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Logos:Business as Covers:Books
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I’m back and refreshed from my trip to the East Caribbean. While the sun, sand and relaxation was fun while it lasted, I’m glad to be back at my computer letting my creative juices flow with renewed energy and fresh ideas. I’ve uploaded some new photos from my trip in the Photography section of my portfolio so feel free to take a look even if it’s simply to escape reality for a moment or two.

Tip of the week:

Your company’s image sets the tone before the client even walks through the door. Identity, Business Collateral and Advertising Design are meant to accomplish one very important thing: evoke a predetermined emotional response in the potential client. If your business succeeds first at this, it undoubtedly has the opportunity to flourish in all that follows. Choosing the right graphic designer is only your first step but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

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